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Volume (shares)
Company Bid Ask High Low Open Last 24 Hrs Week
APHAP Holdings0.
CAPXOceanlane Enterprises2.382.482.301.802.301.802638Info
CEFConsolidated Equity Fund0.,57023,570Info
CSFCapEx Stock Fund0.,0004,416Info
DBXDover Business Exchange1.036.997.006.987.006.9812,399Info
DMWADead Men Walk Again4.5712.9812.9812.9812.9812.98049Info
EDMOEdmose Group0.200.400.510.510.510.51043,003Info
EVOEVO Breeding Co.0.100.330.
PPHPradeep Planer's Holdings0.,7502,750Info
RDXRedux Technologies0.200.350.
STARDragon Holdings0.300.740.,255Info
VBLVerballis Translations Serv.0.400.790.540.400.540.402,1393,142Info
VRSVirtual Retailers0.
VTMVirtual Tallinn Merch0.110.370.,8316,331Info

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