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BSC: Black Swan Capital

Arbitrage At Its Best

Total shares: 2,311,719

Company Info

Company TaglineArbitrage At Its Best

CEO's RL/SL NameName On File With CapEx (SL:Skip Oceanlane)

CEO's Real Life LocationUnited States  


Company AvatarPhilip Lehman

Company WebsiteN/A


Directors, Company Officers

Philip Lehman, CEO
Cecil Niosaki and Klintel Kiesler, Non-Executive Directors

Cash On Hand2,000,000

Land Owned1

Tangible Assets6,500,000

Monthly Revenue210,000

Monthly Expenses1

Dear Investors:: Black Swan Capital is a newly formed investment fund. Currently BSC is solely a currency arbitrage firm. The lead trader, Philip Lehman, has over 17 years of experience of trading stocks and currency and has been running a private fund with assets of 68 million L$ for the past 4 years.

The trading strategy has been proven as the firm has never suffered a single month of trading losses regardless of the volatility of the markets. BSC seeks to generate an above market yield for our investors while keeping our balance sheet clean and liquid. BSC does not favor long term investments that locks up capital and staying nimble with our balance sheet has always been one of our key strengths in keeping the company flexible to adapt to the changing markets of Second Life.

BSC seeks to raise 4.5 million L$ with our initial public offering and if we are successful we are looking to raise additional money through secondary’s in the future. Management pledges to invest deeply with our shareholders and we are committed to maintaining our ownership above 51% of the company.

The firm also will be open to expanding operations on SL Capex in trading and other investments. All long term and non-liquid investments will be subjected to shareholder votes for approval.

Business Overview

Black Swan Capital is a currency trading firm. Profits are solely generated from the spread of trading currencies over multitudes of exchanges around Second Life.

Business Strengths

The lead trader has 17 years experience trading currencies and stocks,over the past 5 years there had never been a single month where losses were incurred, regardless of volatility of the currency markets.

Use Of Capital

All capital will be used for trading purposes.

Dividend Policy

We believe our shareholders are seeking far aggressive yields, and thus the firm is committed to a strong dividend policy. We will be distributing 70% of the firm’s profits each month as dividends and 30% will go towards management compensation.

Risk Factors

Risks to the firm includes unforeseen volatility in the currency markets. While our firm is fully hedged for moves of up to 2% daily, if the currency market has more violent and sudden moves losses may be incurred. Also the firms profitability heavily relies on the volume of currency moved on the major currency exchanges of Second Life such as the LindeX and VirVoX. Other risk factors includes the pace and strength of the real world economy, which we see as having a strong correlation as to currency market volumes and volatility in the Linden dollar’s rate.


Philip Lehman, CEO

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