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Feb 19th 2011, 10:04 System Announcement
by Skip Oceanlane

Tip of the Day - Update Your E-Mail Address at

Reasons to provide your e-mail address on file with SLCapEx:

1) You may need to request a withdrawal higher than L$10,000 for a day. Only accounts that have a valid e-mail address on file BEFORE the request will be allowed to withdraw more per day.

2) If your account within Second Life becomes suspended, and you lose your SLCapEx password, we may be better able to assist you transferring your assets to another account. In most situations only accounts that have a valid e-mail address on file will be able to transfer assets.

3) We will never send you e-mail spam, and will keep your information confidential.

How to set an account e-mail:

1) Sign onto
2) Go to the Portfolio Page
3) Find the "My Account" Menu and click "E-Mail"
4) Enter your e-mail address

Any questions, please contact me. Thank you.

Skip Oceanlane
CEO and Majority Shareholder

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