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Feb 20th 2012, 16:20 SEC
by Simone Peterman

SEC OFFICIAL POSITION ON AVATARADS.NET PROJECT (the Advertising netwrok for SL blogs) was born last year as an idea to envolve SL bloggers on an organized advertising network for SecondLife business.
From the beginning i decide to envolve on this adventure the CEO of SecondADS because i knew him and i support him when he began his adventure in SL (he found this nice name for the project).

After some tests we develop the first version of the system and we start to promote it also on this website always as a 50% & 50% project by the two companies SEC and ADS.

SEC bring over 30 blogs on the network and work on the promotion of the website but all the things need to be improved to work well.

The project now, with my big surprise , is showed in this forum as an ADS project. I found the website domain pointing to another webserver and i read the official post on slcapex about this.
After 2 days of talkings with ADS CEO's we hear that for SEC, ADS want to give a 5% of incomes in exchange of our support on promoting the project.

I don't want to make a question of property or other things, i can only say that SEC will officially be OUT of this project and from now our roads will be differents.

I built my reputation and my work in SecondLife founding it on some fixed values. Maybe i'm not a good Businessman but i trust in the things that bring SEC to be the second most viewed website about Secondlife in the web (after

We will work on new project that could bring interesting opportunity to all our investors that hope will follow us on our adventure.

Even if i'm exspecting lots of cryticisms for this, i'd like to ask our investors and not an opinion on our decision. That could help us for future situations.

Thanks and sorry for my bad english

Simone Peterman CEO

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