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Feb 18th 2012, 17:32 ADS Second Ads
by Wili Clip


SecondADS is very pleased to announce the BETA TEST of our new website banner advertisement network AvatarADS:

AvatarADS will allow advertisers to:

- Advertise on virtual worlds gaming websites and blogs
- Pay using paypal or L$ from Second Life
- Get accurate statistics
- Set up multiple ads and monitor progress
- Set days and times for ads to display
- Publish ads on website
- Earn commission on clicks and impressions as publisher
- Use impressions and clicks for advertising or convert into earnings

AvatarADS will allow publshers to:

- Earn money from selling banner impressions and clicks on their virtual worlds gaming website or blog
- Exchange ad impressions with other publshers in order to get FREE advertisement for their websites or products.
- Get paid in paypal or in L$ in Second Life.
- Use impressions and clicks for advertising or convert into earnings

We're working with SEC to spread this system accross the SL blogosphere as well as our own high profile contacts.

We're specialising in virtual worlds gaming websites and will allow targeted advertisement as well as the opportunity for even small bloggers to earn some money from their sites. Here's some examples of our market:

- World of Warcraft
- Second Life
- Minecraft
- Eve Online

Please feel free to take part in the BETA TEST (you will be rewarded with 1000 free impressions and even more if needed)

This is a very exciting project for ADS and we expect to see an impact on our profits next month.

In next day we will be accepting new users to populate our banner exchange system. We will be rewarding early entrants (beta users) with free impressions and clicks.

CEO of Second Ads
Wili Clip

MD of Second Ads

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